“You say you’re fast, I’m in the 10s for 100 meters!”…Man Utd’s ‘speed racer’ war breaks out!

Who is the fastest player in the English Premier League (EPL) at Manchester United?

It’s official. It’s Marcus Rashford. The Red Devils recently released their fastest players for the 2022-23 season, and Rashford’s top speed was a whopping 35.95 km/h. He was followed by Diogo Dalot at 35.76 km/h and Anthony at 35.29 km/h.

However, there’s one player on the team who could challenge Rashford’s speed. It’s Rasmus Hojlund, a freshman who recently joined United from Atalanta. He’s a 6-foot-2 frontline attacker with a lot of pace for his size.

Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini vouches for him. “He runs 100 meters in under 11 seconds,” he said when he was coaching him. That means his 100-meter time is in the low 10s.

Confident in his speed, Hui Lun threw down the gauntlet to Rashford, the fastest player in the team. Two suns cannot rise under the same sky.

In an interview with the club, Hui Lun was asked if Gasperini’s claim that he could run the 100 meters in 11 seconds was true. His answer was, “Yes. I’m sure.”

“I don’t know if you have a watch next to you every day and time yourself, but when I was training and going in, people always said I had a lot of speed. I came to Man United and I’m ready to challenge Rashford with my speed.”스포츠토토

Finally, Hui Lun added: “I will compete with Rashford and work with him. The more we compete on the training ground, the better we will be on the pitch,” he said, expressing his excitement about playing alongside Rashford.


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