“Insulted as XX” Lee Jae-young-Da-young expose aftermath…Kim Yeon-kyung “will respond strongly to the spread of false facts”

Volleyball star Kim Yeon-kyung’s agency has announced a strong response to rumors surrounding her.

“We will take a strong response to the press releases and YouTubers that have been maliciously written and distributed about Kim Yeon-kyung, including recent articles,” her agency, RyanAt, said on Saturday.

The reaction appears to stem from interviews with twin volleyball players Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young, which were published on the 5th and 14th consecutive days. Sisters Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young, who played for Heungkuk Life in the women’s professional volleyball league and were suspended indefinitely in 2021 due to a bullying controversy, have since gone overseas.먹튀검증

Lee Da-young, who moved to Le Canet Bolero in the French league this year, said in an interview with a media outlet before leaving the country on May 5, “When I was in middle school, Lee Jae-young was not at the scene of school violence. I don’t want her to be harmed by me,” she said.

She also talked about the conflict with her teammate at the time, saying, “I want to ask her why she bullied me and gave me a hard time at the time. She never hit the ball I put up while I was at Heungkuk Life.”

After the story broke, Lee Jae-young also backed up Lee’s comments in a follow-up interview on the 14th.

“In training, even if Lee Da-young’s pass was a little bit bad, the player would grab the net and fall down, and he would swear with his mouth,” he said, adding, “During the game, the player openly swore at Lee Da-young, saying ‘XX. Lee came out to the warm-up zone as a substitute and cried profusely,” she revealed.

Later, when the content identifying Kim Yeon-kyung as the player who harassed Lee Da-young was widely reproduced, RyanAt said, “We will take a strong legal stand against YouTubers and malicious comments that continue to distribute malicious falsehoods. There will be no exonerations or settlements in any case,” the company said.

“Since 2020, we have been collecting data on malicious comments and posts containing falsehoods, defamation, sexual harassment, and personal attacks on our athletes through our legal representatives and are in the process of filing a lawsuit,” the company said.


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