‘Behind the Scenes’ Former commentator Oh Jae-won controversially swears at Yang Chang-sup between the military through SNS “Young X’s XX is so bullheaded that he has…”

Former SPOTV commentator Oh Jae-won, who hung up his commentary microphone after various controversies, poured out reckless accusations against Yang Chang-seop (Samsung) on his SNS on the 23rd. Some of his comments could be held legally liable, so it is expected that there will be some repercussions in the future.

Oh Jae-won, a former commentator, sparked controversy on June 24 when he said he was sure Yang Chang-seop had an empty ball in the Samsung-SSG game in Munhak. Yang came to the mound with runners on first and third in the seventh inning, trailing 7-13. On a 2B-1S pitch count, Yang threw a four-pitch fastball that grazed Choi’s jersey. Choi walked on a ball hit to the body. Yang took off his hat, bowed and apologized to Choi.

Former commentator Oh Jae-won, who commentated on the game, doubted Yang’s intentions, saying, “This was a blatant hit, but it’s lucky it only grazed his clothes.” He added, “I hate situations like this. “I hate this situation the most. There is no need to apologize for this. There’s no way Choi Jung doesn’t know. It’s the best thing to do when you’re winning,” he said.

In response, Yang Chang-seop posted on his SNS after the match, quoting the Talmud, “Fish are always caught by the mouth. Humans are also caught with their mouths.” He left a meaningful phrase. Former commentator Oh Jae-won also responded with the Talmudic verse, “A foolish man speaks of what he has heard, and a wise man speaks of what he has seen.”

The next day, on the 25th, the former commentator introduced SSG’s starting pitcher Cho Sung-hoon, saying, “I hope you can pitch a winning game today and sweep (the three-game series).” He also made a partisan remark.

As the controversy grew, Oh resigned as a commentator within two days. He personally announced his resignation on his social media account, saying, “I don’t think I can be a burden to SPOTV anymore, so I requested to terminate my contract and it was decided.”

Nearly two months after the incident, Oh Jae-won, a former commentator, made a profanity-laced accusation against Yang Chang-seop on his personal SNS. He said, “It all started because of Yang Chang-seop. This young X’s XX is so stupid that I couldn’t stand it when various incidents overlapped. I want to sweep them all away with a XXX vacuum cleaner.” Regarding the fans who defended Yang Chang-sup, he said, “Such an XX also has fans. It’s strange. It’s like a patient with stage 2 disease.” He sneered.

Former commentator Oh Jae-won picked up a rock and said, “Chang-seob, even if I throw with this, I will throw better than you. If you’re going to throw four and get one strike, I’ll throw with this and get two out of four. This is XX. I’ll take a shot with this. If you throw four pitches and get one strike, that’s a pitcher. He eats and throws balls,” he said.스포츠토토

Instead of a beautiful exit, Oh Jae-won was forced to resign as a commentator due to various controversies. There was no sign of remorse, let alone an apology. The more I go, the more disappointed I am.


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