A doubleheader in the Gocheok Dome…has Japan ever played a doubleheader in a dome? Major League Baseball?

The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) announced today that it has finalized the schedule for the remainder of the 2023 KBO season.

The most notable of these is that Anbang and Hanwha will play back-to-back games (a doubleheader) at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul next month on April 9.

This is the first time a baseball doubleheader will be held at the Gocheok Dome.

Of course, it’s also the first time in the history of the Korean Baseball Organization to play a doubleheader in a dome.

There is no such thing as a rain date in a dome stadium.

Therefore, teams that use the dome stadium as a home base have to play when others are resting.

This year alone, the team played only at the Gocheok Dome on May 5 and 6, last month on May 11, and this month on May 10 and 23.

So the argument that “why do we have to play doubleheaders when we have a dome stadium as our home?” is not completely wrong.

However, Nippon Professional Baseball did have a “dome stadium doubleheader” on October 2, 7, and 9, 1998.

All six games were played at the Seibu Dome (now the Verunadome).

The Seibu Dome is an “open dome stadium” that was originally an open stadium, Seibu Stadium, with only a roof over it.

As a result, there are outfield home runs, and when it rains, the rain pours into the stands.

Fans watching the game with umbrellas at the Verunadome. TV broadcast screen capture
As a side note, there hasn’t been a doubleheader in the Pacific League (PL) since October 9, 1998, when the Seibu Dome last hosted a doubleheader.

In the Central League (CL), there hasn’t been a doubleheader since October 10, 1998, when Junichi and Yokohama played the next day.

Since 1998, doubleheaders have been scheduled but never played.

Half of the 12 teams in Japanese professional baseball play in domed stadiums.

Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay’s anbang in Major League Baseball (MLB). Tampa Bay website
Of the 30 teams in Major League Baseball (MLB), Tampa Bay is the only team to play in a fully enclosed dome.

Tampa Bay’s home, Tropicana Field, has hosted a total of five doubleheaders in its history.

The first was on October 1, 2004. The game had to be rescheduled due to Hurricane Frances, so it became a doubleheader.안전놀이터

Then, on June 11, 2017, we had a “scheduled” doubleheader. A doubleheader that was scheduled as a promotional effort.

We also played doubleheaders at Tropicana Field on September 4, 2019, August 9, 2020, and July 7, 2021.


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