Sanctioned 10 million won for K-League match…spectator throws plastic bottle at referee

Daejeon Hana Citizen of the K League 1 (1st Division) has been fined 10 million won for the unruly behavior of a spectator.

The Korea Professional Football Association (KPFA) announced on Aug. 8 that it has decided to punish the Daejeon club with a 10 million won ($11,000) sanction through the 12th Punishment Committee.

The punishment follows a referee being hit by a fan throwing a plastic bottle during the Daejeon-Suwon FC match at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on April 1.

Article 20 (1) and (6) of the K League Baseball Playing Regulations states, “The home club is responsible and liable for the safety and order of the players, teams, staff, referees, and all officials and spectators from two hours before the start of the match until all spectators and officials leave after the end of the match,” and “If there is a problem with the progress of the match due to crowd disturbances or disturbances, or if there is a problem with the safety of spectators, including players, referees, coaching staff and team staff, and media, and the maintenance of stadium order, the relevant club shall bear all responsibility for the problem regardless of the reason.메이저놀이터

The disciplinary standards for each type of penalty allow clubs to impose sanctions for incidents that interfere with the progress and safety of the game.


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