‘Undaunted’ Verlander is the final winner of the ‘ML Golden Generation’

The final winner of the golden generation of 1983-born players, which has produced numerous Most Valuable Player (MVP) and Cy Young Award winners, is likely to be Justin Verlander, 40.

Through 27 games this season, Verlander has pitched 157 1/3 innings in 26 starts, posting a 12-8 record and a 3.32 ERA. He has 139 strikeouts.

He’s pitching at the top of his game at a tender age, and with one more game to go, he has a good chance of reaching the milestone.

In addition to Verlander, other players born in 1983 who have won major awards include Miguel Cabrera, Joey Votto, Zack Greinke, Dustin Pedroia, Joe Mauer, and Ryan Braun.

All of them have been named Rookie of the Year, Cy Young Award winner, and MVP at least once. Cabrera, in particular, is a two-time MVP.

However, many of these players are already retired, with Cabrera hanging up his jersey after this season, and Votto and Greinke also nearing the end of their careers.먹튀검증

Verlander, on the other hand, is still going strong. He has $43.33 million left on his guaranteed contract for the upcoming 2024 season, with a mutual option for 2025. It will be realized if he throws 140 innings in 2024.

This means that Verlander will play at least through his age 41 season. And Verlander is still pitching at the top of the league. His adjusted ERA this season is 128.

Last year, at age 39, he went 18-4 with a 1.75 ERA and won the American League Cy Young Award. In total, Verlander has won three Cy Young Awards and one MVP award.

From the beginning of his career, Verlander was known as “the golden boy” and pitched a lot of innings in a lot of games. He will be the last of the players born in 1983, the so-called Golden Generation.


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