From fist threats to shoving referees, North Korea’s soccer has lost its manners

I was curious to see what North Korean soccer would look like after disappearing from the international scene for nearly four years, but this is what we saw yesterday (Jan. 1) against Japan. Reporter Bae Yang-jin reports on North Korean soccer, which was brutal not only to opponents but also to referees.

The North Korean soccer team played tirelessly and attacked hard, but in the second half, the game took a bizarre turn.

During a stoppage in play, North Korea’s Kim Yoo-sung approached a Japanese medic, snatched his water and threatened him with a raised fist, prompting a warning from the referee.

The stunned medical staff cowered, and the Japanese player could be seen protesting in surprise.

The atmosphere got even uglier in the final minutes of the match.

With the score tied at 1-1, a penalty kick was awarded in the 35th minute for a foul on the North Korean goalkeeper’s defense, and when the goal sealed their elimination, the players swarmed the referee as if there were no minutes left to play.메이저사이트

Things got so heated that tournament officials rushed to intervene.

The North Korean players’ behavior went viral on social media, and Kim Kook-beom’s late wonder goal was overshadowed by the unsportsmanlike conduct.


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