Japan Football Association officially protests “North Korean atrocities”… Aftereffects of North Korea’s ‘unmannered soccer’

North Korea’s ‘bad manners soccer’, receiving six warnings in one game and even threatening the opposing team’s staff.

The fallout continues.

The Japan Football Association sent a letter of protest to the International Football Federation.

This is reporter Cho Hyun-seon.

The extremeness of North Korean soccer, which became a hot topic in Korea, had a big impact on Japan, the opposing team.

When you watch Japanese broadcasts, you can clearly feel the atmosphere.

[Japanese broadcaster]
“Ah, good. Yes, we’re driving the ball.”
“I tackled him from behind.”
“This is really vicious. There was absolutely no will to contest the ball.”

On this day, North Korea received six warnings.

Another controversial scene.

This is the moment when the Japanese staff was threatened.

[Japanese broadcaster]
“It’s serious.”
“You’ve received a yellow card.”
“He was trying to get water from a Japanese trainer, but when he thought he would be rejected, he threatened him.”

Japan achieved a difficult victory despite the North Korean players’ aggressive behavior that continued after the game.

But the aftermath was severe.

Japanese media all at once called ‘atrocities’, ‘violence’, He criticized North Korea with harsh terms such as ‘robbery’.

The Japan Football Association took official action.

We submitted a letter protesting North Korea’s anti-sports actions to the International Football Federation and the Asian Football Confederation.

Foreign media also strongly criticized North Korea’s soccer team, saying, “The angry North Korean soccer team attacked the referee.” 메이저사이트

Since the Asian Football Confederation is in charge of managing the game at this tournament, there is a possibility that disciplinary action will be taken against North Korean players in the future.

Korean-Japanese soccer player Shin Jae-beom drew attention by making a public apology.

He wrote on his SNS that ‘actions that destroy sports should be expelled’ and ‘I feel sorry for the Japanese people.’

Jaebeom Shin has participated in the Universiade as a representative of North Korea.

This is Cho Hyeon-seon of Channel A News.


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