Gyeongnam FC Women’s Soccer Team Red Rose FC 2nd Team to Qualify for 2023 K League Queen Cup ‘Beautiful Finish’

Gyeongnam FC’s women’s amateur soccer team, Red Rose FC, competed in the 2023 K-League Queen Cup (K-WIN).

Organized by the Korea Professional Football Association, the K-WIN was held at the Jecheon Football Center in Chungcheongbuk-do from April 14 to 15. On the first day, the group stage was played in a full league format, while the second day was a ranked tournament.

Red Rose FC participated in the tournament for the second year in a row, having participated since last year, when it was an invitational tournament. The team name is a combination of the red color, which is the symbol of the Gyeongnam club, and the rose, the state flower of Gyeongnam.

The second edition of Red Rose FC was selected from 29 players from various regions of Gyeongnam, including Changwon, Geoje, Gimhae, Jinju, and Hadong, with one coach and 12 players selected according to the number of players allowed to participate in the tournament. Coach Kim Ji-won, who was originally selected as a player, joined the tournament as a coach to support the players, as players from high school and above are restricted from participating in the tournament.스포츠토토

The Red Rose FC players showed their unity through soccer in the name of Gyeongnam. In the group stage, they played Daegu FC, Suwon FC, Jeju UTD, and Busan I-Park Women’s Soccer Team. The team lost to Jeju, tied Suwon, and won against Daegu and Busan, finishing third in the group with two wins, one draw, and one loss. In the third-place inter-group tournament, the team lost in penalty kicks against Ansan Greeners and Incheon United.

“Participating in the Queen’s Cup for the second year in a row was a great opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of soccer,” said Lim Dabin. It was an honor to play for Gyeongnam as a member of Red Rose FC. I hope to participate in the tournament next year in a better shape.”

Coach Kim Ji-won said, “I became a coach of Red Rose FC to support the tournament. I am grateful to the players who listened to me and worked with me during the tournament. I think the two wins were the result of our players playing to the end. I am grateful to the club management and the players who worked together.”

Meanwhile, Gyeongnam will show their journey to the K League Cup Queen’s Cup on their YouTube channel ‘Goshoot TV’ and plan to continue their third season as Red Rose FC next year.


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