“Is the coach satisfied?” After an opening night shutout. Ko beamed.

“I’m sure it was a lot of nerves and excitement, but I want to thank the guys for a great start.”

It was a hot game, a dominant win. It was a victory worthy of Chung’s first step in her new career.

On Sunday, Chung won the match against IBK at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon, Korea, 3-0 in straight sets and a shutout.

It was a match in which the foreign pair of Po Jia and Mega were perfectly matched like cogs to the existing pair of Jung Ho-young and Park Eun-jin. They retained the majesty of the “Jangshin Legion” but added explosive speed and power. The offensive distribution was also ideal, with Jia and Mega combining for 39 points and the other three players combining for 24 points.

After the game, head coach Ko Hee-jin said, “I don’t know if there’s a game where I’m 100% satisfied as a coach,” but she was smiling the whole time. The team was also able to utilize its supporting players, including Kim Chae, Ahn Yerim, Lee Sun-woo, and Kim Se-in.

“We trained really hard during the offseason. Thanks to this, we can utilize the players in a wide range. I’m grateful to the players for holding up well.”

The team also showed off a diagonal formation with Yeom Hye-sun, Park Hye-min, and Jia and Mega. “It’s a way to maximize our power without Lee So-young,” Ko said. As for Park Hye-min, he said, “Such a player should be good. She is always the hardest working and most determined player. I hope she will grow into a good player as much as she prepared this season.”먹튀검증

“Of course, the main player is Yeom Hye-sun. However, the key is how to break through when she is shaky. The coaching staff and analysis team struggled with it.” “Ahn Yerim’s strength is her height, and Kim Chae-na’s operation is good. They trained well enough that we could make bold substitutions,” he said.

“We had a really hard offseason. Many times, foreign players said, ‘I’ve never trained like this before. Korea is a tight league. They’re good players with good character, so they did well.”

“Last season, we relied a lot on Elizabeth,” said Ko. This season, we’ve prepared for her to show a different side of herself.” Forgetting last season’s frustrating one-point defeat, Jung’s future is bright, at least based on her first game.


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