“What’s Happening in the LPBA Round of 64” Song Hida Kim Min-ah and Kim Bo-mi eliminated one after another

A number of favorites were eliminated from the LPBA Round of 64, including Song Pia B, Kim Min Ah, Hida Orie, Kim Bomi, and Kim Ye Eun. Also, the highly anticipated Kim Jin Ah and Jang Ga Yeon were also eliminated from the competition.

On the other hand, Kim Ga-young, Lim Jung-sook, Kang Ji-eun, Kim Se-yeon, and Lee Im-rae made it to the round of 32. On the night of the 19th, the round of 64 of the 23/24 Season 5 ‘Huon’s LPBA Championship’ concluded at the Kintex PBA Dedicated Stadium in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, and the 32 players were determined.

Long defeated Lee Eun-hee 15:16…Hida Kim Min-ah, Kim Bomi and Kim Ye-eun also ‘lost’

In the Round of 64, Long Piabi (Blue One Angels) lost a close match to Lee Eun-hee 15:16 (24 innings). After a shaky start, she was down 2:8 after nine games, but she gradually built up her points to tie the game at 11:11 after 16 games. At 13:13, Long scored two more points in the 21st to take a 15:13 lead. However, in the final inning, while Song remained blank for three consecutive innings, Lee Eun-hee added three points to tie the game at 16:15 in the 24th inning, and the match time (50 minutes) ended at the same time.

The 48-year-old Lee’s best finish this season was the round of 64, but the big fish got her into the round of 32.

Hida Oriie (SK Rent-a-Car Direct) lost to Park Ga-eun 18:20 (23 innings). Hida, who started the first four innings with a blank, scored the first four points of the fifth inning and looked to be in control, but Park’s high run of seven points brought the score to 4:10.

The game was tied three times in the middle and late innings (11:11 in the 10th, 17:17 in the 20th, and 18:18 in the 22nd) before being decided in the final 23 innings. After Hida’s attack failed, Park added two more points and the game ended at the same time. 20:18 Park wins.

Kim Min-ah (NHC Card Green Force), who was recently shocked by the sudden passing of her strong supporter, the late Kim Yong-cheol, former executive director of the Korean Billiards Federation (Billiards Commentator), lost to Seo Han-sol (Blue One Angels) 11:25 (17 innings).

Kim Bomi (Welcome Savings Bank Welvang Phoenix), Kim Jin-ah (Hana Card Hanapay), and Jang Ga-yeon (Huon’s Healthcare Legend) also suffered losses.

Kim Ga-rae wins with ‘1 Point vs. Abber’…Lim Jung-sook Kang Ji-eun Kim Se-yeon Baek Min-do in the Round of 32스포츠토토

Kim Ga-young (Hanacard) defeated Lee Hwa-yeon 25:13 (17 innings). Trailing 5:7 after 9 innings, Kim scored 5 high runs to take the lead at 13:11 after 12 innings. After that, she continued to score steadily to make it 23:13 in the 16th inning, effectively sealing the victory. Kim scored the final two points in the 17th game to end the match at 25:13. Kim had an average of 1.471.

Lee Im-rae (Hi-One Winners) defeated Ko Eun-kyung 25:10 in 16 games with an average of 1.563. Lim Jung-sook (Crown Hae Taeraeon) defeated Kim Kyung-ja and Kim Se-yeon (Huon’s) defeated Kang Yoo-jin to advance to the round of 32.

Defending champion Ayako Sakai (Hanacard), Baek Min-ju (Crown HaeTae), Jeon Ae-lin (Huons), Yong Hyun-ji (Hi-One) and Kang Ji-eun (SK Rent-a-Car) also made it through to the round of 64.


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