Does the new Cat Sono Arena locker room remind you of the NBA?

Goyang Sono Arena receives a complete makeover after 5002 visitors.

Goyang Sono Arena, the home of the Goyang Sono, has been transformed. In preparation for the home opener against the Wonju DB of the 2023-2024 Korean Basketball Association on the 22nd, the Goyang Gymnasium has been completely transformed.

It starts at the entrance. It was beautifully decorated in light blue, the main color of Sono, and the words “Goyang Sono Arena” were written on the entrance. In the main lobby, the fan-favorite emblem was prominently displayed, and the pillars were decorated with photos of the players.

The interior of the stadium, which surrounds the court, is also colorful. The stadium’s main color is light blue, and the name of the team, the Sono Skygunners, is written on it. The photo and interview rooms, which are off-limits to non-players, also had a different atmosphere. Sono paid attention to the details that fans couldn’t see. It was a real transformation, not just a show. One Sono fan commented, “The stadium is really cool. I’m looking forward to coming to games now that the facilities are better, and I think I’ll be coming to more games this season,” while another fan said, “This is what the NBA should feel like. It’s magnificent.”짱구카지노 도메인

A SONO representative said, “In terms of design, we wanted to give the image of a professional team, and the chairman got a lot of ideas from watching the NBA and other sports. We had a lot of communication with the design team. We wanted to make sure that when you walked into the stadium, you could feel that it was Sono’s home stadium. The light blue color is easy on the eyes and looks good.”

Among the changes to the facility, the locker room is the one that the players are most satisfied with, and the one that the secretariat paid the most attention to. “We put the most effort into the locker room,” said Sono. We tried to make sure that the players can focus on basketball and that they can relax and prepare before the game.”

Sono’s ambition is to make Goyang Sono Arena not just a place for basketball, but a playground, a space for experiences and culture. “We are trying to prepare it as a playground where fans can come and not only play basketball, but also build memories, experience different things, and play,” said a Sono official.


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