Kim Soo-ji’s meaningful 250th service point: “I’m glad to see my service record…”

“My serve record is rare, but I’m glad it came at the right moment.”

Veteran middle blocker Kim Soo-ji, the “new face” of women’s professional volleyball’s Heungkuk Saengs, recorded her 250th career service point. Kim scored three points as a second-set substitute against Pepper Savings Bank in the first round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on Sunday afternoon. Among them, he scored two points with his serve. It was a meaningful serve worth more than two points.

Kim was substituted for Kim Chae-yeon with the score tied at 19-21 in the second set. At 19-22, Kim scored off a Yasmin dig, and at 22-24, Kim turned the tide on her serve. Yasmin immediately attacked out and Kim served for a 24-24 deuce. Kim set her sights on her opponent’s number one spot. At 25-24, Kim served again to end the long second set. Her serve targeting opponent’s libero Oh Ji-young was effective.

At the same time, Kim scored two service points to reach 250 career service points. This is the eighth all-time.

Currently, the all-time leader is Hwang Yeon-ju of Hyundai E&C (458 points). She is followed by IBK’s Hwang Min-kyung (346) and Kim Hee-jin (337), Hyundai E&C’s Yang Hyo-jin (334), IBK’s Pyo Seung-ju (284), Korea Expressway Corporation’s Moon Jung-won (267), and Baek Mok-hwa (253).

After the match, Kim said, “My serving style is not hard-hitting, but targeted. That’s why my serve record is rare, but I’m glad I got it at that moment,” she smiled.

“The coach pointed me in that direction, so I tried to hit it. I was nervous because the atmosphere was so heated. I told her to hit it accurately, but it came at a crucial moment,” she elaborated.스포츠토토

Kim Yeon-kyung, who also roared, said, “I was lucky with Kim Soo-ji’s serve. I hadn’t been serving lately, so I practiced a lot. I think it was good that my serve came out well as I practiced during the match,” she smiled.

Currently, Heungkuk Life is utilizing Lee Ju-ah, Kim Chae-yeon, and Kim Soo-ji. Kim became a free agent this year and switched to a Heungkuk Life uniform. “I think I have a lot more to show,” Kim said. I think I have a lot more to show, whether it’s in training or in the game,” she said encouragingly.

Kim played for Heungkuk Life for three seasons, starting in the 2014-15 season, before moving to IBK. He returned to Heungkuk after six years. It was her first time playing for the home team at Samsan World Gymnasium, the current home of Heungkuk Life. “It’s definitely more intense,” says Kim. I feel closer to the crowd, and the cheers when I score seem to reach me more.”

With Kim Soo-ji, Heungkuk Life has added height and experience.


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