Nam Hyun-hee, Cheong-jo ‘Suspicions’ — Only Victims Remain in the End

Nam Hyun-hee, 42, a former national fencer, and his family have filed a police report for stalking Jeon Cheong-jo, 27, whom he announced as his remarriage partner. Their marriage came to an end just four days after the announcement.

The Seongnam Jungwon Police Station in Gyeonggi Province said it arrested Jeon on suspicion of visiting the apartment where Nam Hyun-hee’s mother lives at around 1:10 a.m. on the 26th, knocking on the door several times and ringing the doorbell – a violation of the Stalking Punishment Act. According to the investigation, Jeon came to the house after receiving a breakup notice from Nam Hyun-hee. Nam Hyun-hee was inside the house with her mother.

The news of Nam Hyeon-hee and Jeon’s marriage came to light in an interview with a monthly magazine on March 23. Jeon introduced himself as a third-generation chaebol, an equestrian who retired early due to an injury, and a young businessman. However, various allegations have since surfaced, including lying about his gender and having a fraud conviction. Nam Hyun-hee took a hardline stance against the spread of falsehoods.

The allegations against Mr. Jeon were amplified, and one by one, they were proven to be false. It was confirmed that Jeon was from Ganghwa Province, not the United States, and had served time in prison for fraud. He was never registered as an equestrian athlete with the Korean Sports Federation and is said to have graduated from Korea Horse Racing and Livestock High School. Furthermore, during a police background check for stalking, Jeon was found to have a gender of “female” on her resident registration. The last digit of her resident registration begins with a ‘2’.

Nam Hyun-hee revealed in an interview with Women’s Chosun after her breakup with Jeon that “Jeon Cheong-jo had gender reassignment surgery.” She said she still decided to marry him. Nam Hyun-hee also made a somewhat incomprehensible claim that she was tricked into thinking she was pregnant while she was with Jeon. “When I used the pregnancy test that Mr. Jeon handed me every time without the wrapper, it showed two lines (pregnant). I tried to go to the gynecologist to get a diagnosis, but he (Jeon Cheongjo) kept blocking me,” she added. In a recent interview with Nam Hyun-hee, she admitted that she did not know anything about Jeon’s fraudulent past, chaebol three, or other information, except for the sex change operation.토토사이트

In recent months, Nam Hyun-hee has revealed various gifts on her social media (SNS). Along with a Bentley car worth about 300 million won, she expressed her gratitude by referring to Jeon Cheongjo’s nickname “JoJo. He also left hashtags such as “surprise” and “gift” while wearing luxury clothes and bags after the divorce announcement. Since she revealed her relationship at the same time as the divorce announcement, we can assume that the gift was from Jeon Cheongjo. Nam Hyun Hee also revealed that he and his daughter have moved into Signiel, the luxury apartment where Jeon used to live. “I have an 11-year-old daughter. The first thing that comes to mind is that I could be accused of the age difference (15 years) and economic difference with Jeon Cheongjo,” she said, but her sweetness prevented her from facing the truth.

Meanwhile, Ms. Jeon’s fraudulent behavior using Nam Hyun-hee’s identity continued. Nam Hyun-hee was shocked to hear from an acquaintance at Signiel, “Director, we invested in you (Jeon Cheong-jo), trust your name,” she said. She realized that Mr. Jeon had been using her name to raise money, and that not only her family but also her relatives and friends had already been scammed by him. Nam Hyun-hee’s marriage was eventually called off after creating so many victims.


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