Samsung’s sore finger Lee Soo-min starts anew as a leader in his hometown Gumi

 Samsung Lions’ sore finger, left-hander Su-min Lee (28), starts a new life as a coach.

On the 27th, Lee Soo-min told MHN Sports about her current situation, saying, “I started teaching athletes in my hometown, Gumi. I want to provide personalized guidance on a 1:1 basis, starting from youth to members of society.”

Su-min Lee graduated from Daegu Sangwon High School, but his hometown is Gumi. He also graduated from Gumi Middle School. In Gumi, there are schools with baseball teams, including Dogae High School and Gumi University, so it can have the status of a good academy for players.

After leaving Samsung in October of last year, Lee Soo-min, who was aiming to start a career at Geelong Korea in Australia but withdrew midway, has not been able to deliver any significant news. Then he delivered the news that he was making a new start in Gumi. The lesson center is located near Nakdong River Sports Park in Gumi (Nakdong Embankment-gil, Goa-eup, Gumi).굿모닝토토 도메인

Su-min Lee, who stood out in high school by setting a record of 26 strikeouts in one game, was nominated by Samsung, beating local rival Park Se-woong (Lotte) in the priority nomination for hometown. In particular, he was selected for the youth national team in his junior year following his sophomore year. However, unlike Park Se-woong, he was unable to establish himself in the first team.

In 2015-16, he served in the military at Sangmu, and his last first-team appearance was in 2022 when he played in four games. From 2014 to last year, his overall first-team performance was 10 games, 1 win, 1 hold, and an ERA of 4.91.


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