I can’t eat with him, I can’t talk to him… I’m even excluded from his Hangouts “99.9% leave”

Manchester United’s Jadon Sancho, 23, is becoming increasingly distant from the team.

“Sancho has been expelled from the team after refusing to apologize to manager Eric ten Hagg,” the British publication The Daily Mail reported on July 7, “and has also been excluded from United’s instant messaging room.”

Sancho lost his place at United this season. This was due to a conflict with Van Gaal. In the fourth round of the Premier League, Sancho was left out of the squad. Van Gaal explained his decision by saying that he “didn’t perform in training”.

Sancho refuted this claim. “I trained well,” he said on his social media accounts. There must be other reasons. I’ve been a scapegoat for a long time,” he said.

The outlet concluded: “Sancho has publicly accused Van Gaal of being a liar. He has been denied access to first-team facilities. He is training in the academy on his own.”

If he apologized, he could return to the United squad. His teammates reportedly even advised him to apologize. But Sancho refused, and he fell out with the team completely.

Now, he’s not even allowed in the team chat room. “Sancho has not been able to reunite with the United squad,” said The Sun, a British publication. “He has been excluded from the group chat used by Van Gaal and his staff to send key information to players,” it said.

“United will listen to offers for Sancho in the January transfer window,” the statement continued, “with a view to selling him in the summer for £45 million. We will also allow a January loan move if it includes an option to buy outright.” 무지개토토 주소

Sancho was one of the biggest names in European soccer during his time at Dortmund. He was among the league’s best in terms of goals and assists, but has been a non-factor since his move to United. More recently, he has clashed with Van Gaal and has been linked with a sale.

His departure is likely only a matter of time. Transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano said: “99.9%, there is no chance of him coming back. He will leave in January. All options will be explored for his transfer.”


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