Choi Hye-mi becomes the first woman to top the professional women’s billiards tour as a ‘fellow hobbyist’

Choi Hye-mi (Welcome Savings Bank) is the new women’s professional billiards champion.

Choi defeated Kim Ye-eun (Welcome Savings Bank) in the final of the NHCard LPBA Championship at the Kintex PBA Stadium in Goyang City, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, with a set score of 4-2 (4-11 11-4 11-5 11-5 6-11 11-8).

Choi, who became the 12th Korean player to be crowned LPBA “Queen,” earned 30 million won in prize money and 20,000 ranking points, jumping from No. 40 on the money list to No. 5 (32,272 won).

Kim, who became the youngest player to win the SK Rent-a-Car Championship at the start of the 2020-2021 season at the age of 21 years and seven months, had to settle for her third career title.

Choi Hye-mi was a judo athlete during her school days, but as an adult, she picked up her first cue through a part-time job at a billiard hall.

After playing only as an amateur, Choi made her professional debut in 2019 at the LPBA Open Challenge, which is open to amateur players.

With this victory, Choi made history as the first professional billiards player to win the “club player” title.

At the post-match press conference, Choi said, “I started working part-time at a billiard hall after a friend recommended it to me while I was looking for a job. I watched the customers play and thought it was really fun,” she said, adding, “I learned billiards little by little while working and gradually improved my score.”

After winning her first championship four years after her professional debut, she laughed, “It doesn’t feel real yet, but I’m sure the joy will come tomorrow.” 보스토토

Meanwhile, the Welvang Top Ranking (2 million won), which is awarded to the player with the highest average in a single match, was won by Yong Hyun-ji (Hi One Resort), who recorded an average of 1.923 in a 25-6 win over Park Sun-kyung in 13 innings in the round of 64.

With the LPBA winner crowned, the men’s PBA Round of 128 will begin at 11 a.m. on Sept. 9.


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